Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology which emulates manual tasks in an automated and repeatable manner. This results in significant efficiency in executing a defined business process and reduces human error.

EIM Plus team of RPA experts helps the customer with the following:

  • Evaluate feasibility of RPA for the customer
  • Assess Return on Investment (ROI) for a long term implementation
  • Assess RPA performance using customer’s tasks
  • Test and Validate the benefit of RPA for the customer
  • Analyze and identify the processes for future RPA applications for the customer
  • Develop automated solutions that gain efficiencies and save on future development costs
  • Measure performance metrics and costs savings of implemented automated solutions 

Our team posses the following skills:

  • Experience working with RPA tools to develop and deploy automated solutions
  • Ability to translate the business requirements / identified business processes into an automated process
  • Design and implement highly scalable and reliable RPA solution